Sunpadow 5200mAh Platinum Series 2S Slimline Stick Lipo

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Sunpadow are one of the world leaders in the design and manufacture of Lipo Battery Technology.

This innovative battery breaks through the shape of the traditional strick battery, narrowing the width to only 36mm,  a reduction of 24% compared to standard width packs, also allowing a reduction in weight to just 246 grams.

After repeated comparison tests by several international top drivers, the SlimPack 5200mAh battery is seen to significantly help the balance and handling of the new mid-motor vehicle at high speeds. 

The 5200mAh 130C Shorty packs provide massive power and Run time for 1/10 scale Touring applications, with the Sunpadow shorty packs powering to victory at the 2018 IFMAR 1/10 Touring Car World Championships.

  • Product Name:5200-2S2P-7.4V-130C/65C
  • Configuration:2S2P
  • Capacity:5200mAh
  • Voltage:7.4V
  • Constant Rate:65C
  • Burst Rate:130C
  • Dimensions: 25.1*36*139MM  
  • Plug:4MM
  • Weight:246g
  • Available for:1/10 Touring Car