RC Concept SC10R Brushless Competition ESC

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Based on the experience acquired over the past few years, RC Concept has decided to develop its own technology:

WTI® (Winning Technology Innovation).

This technology will be found in all our ESC components and allows us to offer you the best 1:10 ESC of the world: the SC10R.

What is WTI® ?

The WTI® technology developed by RC Concept for more than a year brings together our innovations in terms of programming (software) and our innovations in terms of components (Hardware). Thus under the name WTI®, we protect our extremely precise algorithms.


New WTI® Algorithms

We have developed new algorithms for a perfect control of the acceleration and the brake. Finally whatever your level or your category, you will get a perfect control and an incredible power perfectly mastered to beat all your competitors.


New WTI® Hardware

Regarding the hardware, we have worked with electronic engineers to choose the best components for the use we have with our SC10R. We used a 32-bit processor to instantly implement our algorithms without delays. Thus thanks to WTI® you will have an unparalleled control and the feeling of being “in your car”. In addition, we have selected the best market quality FET from Japan in order to use totally the power of the new HV batteries.

The external design of the ESC allows a perfect cooling, while avoiding the intrusions of water and dust.


RC Concept SC10R – WTI® – Features

WTI® Acceleration and Brake control for better feeling
WTI® Boost Timing and Turbo Timing for a maximum and controlled power at all speeds
WTI® Sensor control to optimize delivered power
WTI® Battery power control for High Voltage 2S
WTI® Sensor Control
WTI® External Switch
32-bit Microprocessor
200A Continuous – 2000A Peak
Fully adjustable with our EC Box or PC Software
High Quality FET